Price list of dental services in Poland

Conservative Dentistry
Light-hardened filling99-149 zł (special offer)
Colored or white filling of milk tooth60 zł
Filling of 1 channel after devitalization150 zł
Dressing40 zł
Anesthesia20 zł
Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth whitening with a lamp (immediate method)399 zł (special offer)
Immediate reconstruction of a fractured tooth180 zł
Composite veneer150 zł
Corolla - root single input200 zł
Bolt or scarf to skeletal prosthesis700 zł
Settling acrylic prosthesis499 zł
Skeletal prosthesis1300 zł
Elastic acetal prosthesis1500 zł
The point of bridge cast harmonized with porcelain350 zł
Full ceramic, metal-free veneer700 zł
Metal-free ceramic corolla800 zł
Porcelain veneer1000 zł
Porcelain crown399 zł (special offer)
Implantation of osseous decrease with the supplementary material1000 zł
Extraction with anaesthesia80 zł
Chiseling with anaesthesia80 - 150 zł
Implant1699 zł (special offer)
Implant with a corolla2499 zł (special offer)
Scaling + Sanding159 zł
Extraction of deposits - scaling80 zł
Extraction of settlings - sanding80 zł
Rail on strings100 zł
Special offers
  • Bleaching of teeth: 399 zł
  • Porcelain corrola: 349 zł
  • Filling : 99-149 zł
  • Single implant: 1699 zł
  • Implant with a corolla: 2499 zł
Aproximated currency rates
  • 1 zł = 0.2325 €
  • 1 zł = $0.2407
  • 1 zł = £0.1984